About FluxFish

FluxFish is a Search Engine Marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization for small and mid-size businesses. We offer web design and social media management that is designed specifically to bring traffic to your website. We have had, and continue to have,  the most up to date and innovated training from the top industry leaders.

Owner: Bridget Castle

My family owned a small retail wine & liquor store on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 10 years.  I have also worked for fortune 500 companies in accounting, customer service, and sales.  And in mid-size businesses in administrative roles. I have seen companies thrive and struggle. As a small business retail owner, we would spend thousands on billboard and radio ads, hoping the at least some percentage of the listeners or drivers we in the market for our products.  When I began learning about SEO I knew that I could help local businesses succeed and reach their potential.  They wouldn’t have to waste their hard earn dollars on a crap shoot ad campaign, they just had to be visible to the customers that are already looking for their service.  It is very exciting to me to be a part of the economic growth in my region.