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2017 Has seen numerous Google algorithm changes.  When researching SEO strategies make sure to look at the publish date of the article, while some strategies are tried and true, many are out of date with the next algorithm change.

To understand the tried and true strategies of SEO it’s best to understand what the underlying foundation of Google. Google relies on people wanting to use their search engine so they can sell advertising.  In order to continue to get people to use their search engine they must provide the best and most reliable answer to the search query.  Google’s constantly changing algorithm evaluates websites to find out what they are about, what they are selling, what information they are sharing, etc. The better Google gets at evaluating websites the better they can return the best and most reliable answers to search queries. Therefore if you are able to communicate clearly and effectively to Google what your site is about then they can more easily return your site as an answer to the Google searcher… basically, in SEO, we try to give Google what it wants to make in order to evaluate your site most accurately.

How we do that? The video below gives a short explanation of what an SEO professional does for businesses.